Employee Relations - PES Bank of Expectations

The Performance Evaluation System - Bank of Expectations provides supervisors in Louisiana State Government service with sample expectations relevant to the annual state employee evaluation system.  The expectations provided on this site may be used exactly as they are listed here or they may be modified to more accurately reflect the duties of your employees.   Supervisors are not required to use expectations from this site, these expectations are merely being provided as an example of acceptable expectations for employee evaluations.

To find the expectations that are most closely related to your employee's responsibilities you must first select a main category of either Work Tasks - All Employees, Work Tasks - Supervisory Personnel, or Work Behaviors. After a main category is selected you may select a sub category, which will be displayed as a drop down list just below and is a subset of the main category you just selected.

Work Tasks - All Employees Work Tasks - Supervisory Personnel Work Behaviors

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