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Classified Job Listing by Job Family

CURRENT AS OF  10/19/2019

This list shows all current classified job titles by job family. A job family is a group of jobs that share in a common career path. Some jobs in a job family may be eligible for Career Progression Group (CPG) participation. These are indicated with “CPG Eligible” next to the job title on the list below.

A CPG is a pre-defined list of titles that may be used to reallocate employees for recruiting, training and retention purposes. An employee’s initial placement and subsequent movement within the CPG is based on a combination of duty assignments, experience, competencies and performance. For an employee to participate in a CPG, a position must first be assigned to a CPG by State Civil Service via the official position description. The agency is responsible for documenting the CPG in the applicable electronic personnel system as well.

An employee’s CPG eligibility may be limited by State Civil Service depending on the duties assigned to the employee’s position. The official job title as approved by State Civil Service on the official position description is the highest level for which the assigned duties support. If the job is approved as part of a CPG, the agency may under-fill the position using the lower levels of the CPG. For example, if the job is approved by State Civil Service as an Accountant 3 in a CPG, the agency may under-fill the position with an employee at either the Accountant 1 or Accountant 2 level.

Agency HR professionals should ensure that CPG movements are accomplished in a uniform manner for all similarly situated employees. Reallocations within CPGs should be forecasted as part of the budget process. Please note that an employee may not be held back in a CPG solely due to budget reasons.

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